At South Ancaster Family Dental, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of dental treatments for all of your dental needs. Due to extensive and continuous training our dentists and hygienists can offer the most effective and up to date treatments and equipment. In certain circumstances, if you require specialized treatment, beyond our scope, we are pleased to work with, and will refer you to one of the very qualified dental specialists in the Hamilton area.


It is important to have your teeth and mouth checked regularly by a dental professional. This includes checking teeth for cavities, chips, and wear; ensuring gums are healthy; checking the soft tissues of the mouth for health, oral cancer screening; and routine x-rays. As well any questions patients have about their teeth and oral health can be answered and addressed. Ideally checkups should occur every 6 months.


Usually done in conjunction with a checkup, it is important to regularly get your teeth professionally cleaned. No matter how diligent your home care (brushing & flossing), plaque and tartar will build up on your teeth, and it is important to have it removed at regular intervals.


By far the most common form of treatment we perform, fillings are used to repair decayed or broken down teeth. We use a white composite resin filling material which provides a tight seal with the tooth, and a natural look and feel, which very closely matches the shade of your teeth.


Occasionally, if your tooth has suffered nerve damage, usually due to a large cavity, it will require a root canal. This entails removing the damaged or dead nerve tissue from the tooth, and filling it with an antiseptic filling material. The tooth can then be restored with a filling or crown.


In some cases, if the tooth is beyond repair, it is necessary to extract it. Once the tooth is removed the gums and bone will heal over the space. Then, the missing tooth can be replaced with an implant, bridge, or denture.


When a tooth has lost significant amounts of structure, sometimes a filling is not sufficient to restore it. In these cases, a crown (or cap) is often recommended. To prepare the tooth, it is trimmed down a few millimeters on each side and the top, and then an impression is taken to send to the lab. A custom fitted crown of metal or porcelain is created to fit your tooth and cemented on. This usually requires 2 appointments. When completed the crown will protect your tooth, and with proper care should last for many years.


Veneers are like partial crowns which only cover the front part of the tooth. Usually used for cosmetic reasons, veneers can improve the look of your smile, by changing the shape, spacing, and/or shade of your front teeth.


A bridge is a way to replace a missing tooth. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth are trimmed down, as for a crown, and a custom fitted ‘bridge’ of 3 or more units is fabricated to attach to the teeth on either side, and hold a ‘tooth’ over the missing space.


Another way to replace a missing tooth, an implant is a small titanium screw, which is embedded into the bone where the missing tooth was. Once the bone heals around the implant, a crown is placed on top, to simulate a real tooth.


Dentures come in both complete (to replace all teeth), and partial (to replace some teeth) varieties. Depending on your needs, dentures can be a very effective and cost-efficient way to replace missing teeth.


We understand that having a healthy, attractive smile is important to our patients. We offer whitening services to help our patients achieve this. We will fabricate custom mouth trays, which when worn with the provided specialized whitening solution, can achieve significant results, in the comfort of your own home.


Many patients experience sore jaw joints (TMJ) and muscles due to grinding and/or clenching while sleeping. We will fabricate a custom mouth guard to wear during sleep to alleviate these symptoms.


We are pleased to offer our patients custom fitted mouthguards, which help protect the teeth and mouth during contact activities.


We recommend bringing your child in to the dentist when their first tooth erupts, or by the age of 1. Many dental problems can be caught and corrected early. This also starts getting your child comfortable with being in the dental setting.


We understand dental treatment can be a stressful experience for some of our patients. We are pleased to offer Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) sedation. Many patients find this procedure greatly reduces stress and anxiety during dental treatment.

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